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Videos and other media relating to the BMW brand.

Showdown: M4 versus i8

Often when we’re searching for news to share with you, we come across videos of some journalist or car geek or other drag racing two cars to see which one wins. We watch these with some detached interest, especially when they involve a BMW, but we don’t always choose to share them. It’s just not […]

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The Ultimate E30 Documentary: Respect Your Elders

We often talk about the future on our blog, and it’s easy to understand why given the brand we represent. BMW is a forward-thinking auto group, and it always has been. The cars they make push the envelope. They challenge the standard conception of what kind of machine belongs between four wheels. While the cars […]

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Watch the BMW i3 Built from Start to Finish

Standing next to the BMW i3, we’re often struck by its size. Diminutive by nature, the i3 nonetheless represents big ideals for a greener world. Those ideals are still apparent in the design language, the silent driving experience, and the bright-eyed philosophy that sales associates like those at Leith BMW in Raleigh bring to the […]

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