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BMW related tips and tutorials from our brand specialists.

BMW X5 assembly line Spartanburg plant

Do You Know Where Your BMW Was Built?

When we talk about BMW and the Ultimate Driving Machine®, we talk about German engineering. Germany is a fairly large country, though (by Europe’s standards). You can rest assured that many BMW models are built right there in Germany – we’ll cover the few that aren’t, too – but some of you might want to […]

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What is the BMW European Delivery Program?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already read our guide to BMW’s Performance Center Delivery program, where you can choose to take delivery of your brand new BMW at the test track and factory in South Carolina. It’s a VIP experience for no extra cost (aside from travel expenses), and if you want to know […]

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BMW Performance Center Delivery experience

What is the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program?

There’s not much we love more than helping people into their first BMW. Often it’s the payoff for hard work, great patience, and careful planning. The look on a customer’s face when they sit behind the wheel of their Ultimate Driving Machine for the first time can’t be equaled, and we’re grateful to everyone who […]

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protect your car from road salt

Six Steps to Stop Salt from Hurting Your Car

The Rust Belt got its name from the large concentration of industry in those states, with much of that concentration related to metalwork and manufacturing. Notoriously severe winters may also have contributed to the name, as the region is a pioneer of using salt and brine to de-ice roads. Salt lowers the freezing-point of water […]

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How to Drive in the Snow

This post originally appeared on the Leith Cars blog. Well, this day hasn’t gone as expected. It seems like it’s been a while since we woke up and were surprised by a sudden snowstorm. We can only imagine how much more unpleasant this weather is for people who had already set out on their commute […]

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