Archive | November, 2015

All-Season Tires vs. Snow Winter Tires: What’s the Difference?

The difference between all-season tires versus those made for snow, ice, and winter is that winter tires provide a clear advantage when driving over snow, ice, and even freezing surfaces, compared to all-season tires. Snow tires use special rubber compounds that don’t harden in cold temperatures. This allows them to provide much more grip, and […]

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BMW E30 M3: Best BMW Ever or Overblown Hype?

Many people think that BMW’s tagline—The Ultimate Driving Machine—was referring to this car, the E30 M3. It is styled with almost classical simplicity. Back in an era when compact meant rod-straight and low to the ground, it emphasizes purity to the degree that it’s been called, “a shining example of how to not over-design a […]

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