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New Nokian Studded Tires Could Change Winter Driving

We’ve mentioned winter tires a few times already, and with the chilly season winding down, you might wonder why we’re bringing them up again. Well when a company like Nokian designs a tire this cool, we would probably write about it even on the hottest day of summer. If you’re not aware, Nokian was the […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: Plug-in Hybrid

Our BMW i8 in Detail video of the week today goes more in depth into the i8 plug-in hybrid system. This video is meant to address the practicality of the i8, and the first minute or so is review. We’ve already spoken to the Drive module’s arrangement, with the eDrive motor, battery pack, and three-cylinder […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: LifeDrive

Before we watch this week’s episode of BMW i8 in Detail, let’s address something that must be on your mind: The British actors that ask the questions at the beginning of each video. They’re super silly. They have them doing random things while they ask oddly specific questions, and then the last shot is always […]

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The 2015 BMW X3: Better Than “Nearly Perfect”

You’ve probably noticed that there’s a word BMW uses often that few other car makers do. The word is “perfect,” and we’re not afraid of using it to qualify our cars because we don’t have to be. So when presenter Chris Brow, below, says that the previous X3 was nearly perfect, you know it’s the […]

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