The Ultimate E30 Documentary: Respect Your Elders

We often talk about the future on our blog, and it’s easy to understand why given the brand we represent. BMW is a forward-thinking auto group, and it always has been. The cars they make push the envelope. They challenge the standard conception of what kind of machine belongs between four wheels.

While the cars of today belong to the present and the future, there is a certain subset of people who hold onto the cars of yesterday. Calling them “the cars of yesterday” might make their owners wince, though. We’re talking about people who think their cars don’t belong to any time at all. We’re talking about BMW E30 enthusiasts, and if you are one of them, we have a documentary for you to watch.

Directed by Owen Craft, this thirty-minute feature showcases every E30 imaginable, from the stock 80s 3 Series to the M3 to the tuned cars of the PRO3 racing series. Perhaps more important than the cars are the many owners who are interviewed and captured deep in introspection, trying to put their finger on what makes these cars so irresistible. For most it’s the way they drive. For E30 lovers, no other car feels quite right. They use words like “light,” “nimble,” and “pure” combined with a faraway look in their eyes to describe the cars that steal all of their passion. These are first-time drivers, families, and forum-goers, people capable of spotting another E30 and pulling over to have a two-hour talk about life, the universe, and everything. And the E30 is everything to these enthusiasts.

If you have half an hour of free time, we recommend watching this documentary, appropriately titled “Respect Your Elders.” Those of you who love the E30 probably haven’t even gotten this far because you’re already watching it, and for those of you who don’t see why a bunch of old cars can cause such a foofaraw, this video will help you understand.

We have quite a few people on staff at Leith BMW who know how to appreciate our brand’s older models, so after you’ve had your viewing, come over and visit us. We’ll have a nice chat about the old among the new and the used. We’re conveniently located over on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh, and we look forward to seeing you.

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