The BMW M1 is One Man’s Only Ultimate Driving Machine

With BMW being such a future-oriented brand, it’s rare that you’ll see us take the time for two flashback Fridays in a row, but sometimes we have to make an exception. You’ll be well aware by now that BMW builds Ultimate Driving Machines. If you own a BMW, you own a UDM, no questions asked. There are a few enthusiasts out there who think that Bavaria has only ever made one Ultimate Driving Machine, though. Which one? The M1.

When you look at the M1, you can immediately tell that it isn’t purely German. Those well-versed in car body language might detect a hint of the Lamborghini line in it, and they would be correct, as the car was originally supposed to be a collaboration between the two titans. Complications of rules and law forced Lamborghini to withdraw from the project, but BMW being BMW, they built it anyway.

The result is BMW’s only mid-engine sports car. Beneath the roof slats sits a 273 horsepower straight-six engine with striking red impact columns. The car has a top speed of 160 miles-per-hour, which was lightning-fast in the 1979-1981 era in which the car was actually produced. BMW only made four hundred and fifty-six of them in total, and the star of the above video, Mike Ura, wagers that only twenty-five of those reside in the United States.

The M1 is also the only BMW to sport two roundels on its rear end – they wanted there to be no mistaking what kind of car it was.

Ura bought his M1 with about twelve thousand five hundred miles on it and has added another ten thousand since he first put foot to pedal. Now he is a curator of sorts for the M1’s legacy, compiling all manner of data and memorabilia for his solitary supercar.

We encourage you to watch the full video from Petrolicious if you haven’t already. Leith BMW loves a good BMW story, and these folks know how to tell one. If you have yet to own your first Ultimate Driving Machine, please visit us in Raleigh soon. As your local authorized BMW dealer, we offer full service and repairs in addition to our incredible inventory.

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