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The 2014 BMW M235i Takes to the Test Track

BMW’s numbering scheme is a system that, while indicative of the brand, seems to grow slightly more complex with each passing year. There seem to be as many series as there are numerals, these days, and they vary from year to year and market to market. Now the 2 series is replacing the 1 series […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: Laser Light

This week’s BMW i8 in Detail video will focus on yet another of the i8’s revolutionary innovations. The technology illuminated in this video is something that couldn’t be found on any other production car prior to the i8 because BMW hadn’t invented it yet. It’s going to change the way the world looks. With laser […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: Performance

It’s time once again for the BMW i8 in Detail video of the week. We’ve previously shared videos on the i8’s design and carbon fiber elements. Today, we visit the topic we know you’re most interested in: the i8’s performance. After watching the video, you know that the i8 is powered by BMW’s latest eDrive […]

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2014 NAIAS: Detroit Auto Show Recap and Recognitions

As the 2014 North American International Auto Show moves into its second week and opens to the public, we want to make good on industry coverage from the first week. It’s high time to collect the recognitions amassed by BMW, and while we can’t take credit for the cars that were honored, we can still […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: Carbon

We would be remiss if, in the midst of this NAIAS coverage, we didn’t treat you to another video from the BMW i8 in Detail series. Last week, we shared the video about the i8’s design. Today’s topic is materials. Specifically: carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has been popular for a while and is seeing increased […]

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