Showdown: M4 versus i8

Often when we’re searching for news to share with you, we come across videos of some journalist or car geek or other drag racing two cars to see which one wins. We watch these with some detached interest, especially when they involve a BMW, but we don’t always choose to share them. It’s just not always interesting to watch, particularly when the video creator has matched the Bimmer to some car that will beat it in a straight line. BMWs are meant to be driven in a more imaginative manner than straight line drag racing.

Today we found something different. This video set two BMWs against each other, both as high performance as it gets, though each from a unique pedigree. In one lane, the BMW M4. In the other, the hybrid sports car i8.

If you need a reminder of the numbers, the M4 weighs three pounds more than the i8 and makes 425 horsepower to the i8’s combined 357. The i8 out-torques the M4 with 420 pound-feet to 406. Lastly, the M4 sends powers to the rear axle while the i8 is all-wheel drive.

The race was conducted by renowned German publication Auto Bild, and the hosts speak in German. YouTube has options for closed-captioning, but it doesn’t really add intelligibility. You’re better off just enjoying the sound of your car’s mother tongue. Now, make your prediction and press that play button if you haven’t already.

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Showdown: M4 versus i8 was last modified: August 21st, 2017 by Leith BMW

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