What Incentives Does BMW Offer College Graduates?

College is hard work. The best times can’t be denied, like the sunny afternoons spent on campus or the long nights out with friends. For all of those moments, there was also an all-nighter tucked away in a corner of the library or a marathon essay-writing session. All of it culminates with your graduation, when you get to celebrate and show it all paid off.

A diploma will open lots of doors for you. Some of them might even be car doors, especially when you take advantage of the BMW College Graduate Program.

BMW College Graduate Program Raleigh

What is the BMW College Graduate Program?

BMW offers a generous incentive to eligible graduates who want to step into an Ultimate Driving Machine®. Qualified candidates can earn $1000 off the purchase or lease of any new BMW. That includes access to the best available rates when you finance your car. The program also offers up to $750 off the purchase of a Certified Pre-Owned BMW.

How do I qualify for the BMW College Graduate Program?

All you need to be eligible for this program is proof that you graduated within the past 12 months, or if you’re graduating within the next 4 months, you can show a verifiable offer of employment.

Applicants should also have 24 months of credit history with no significant penalties.

Which BMW is a good fit for me?

With such a diverse lineup, any BMW vehicle could be the one for you. Luckily, we have our very own team of BMW Geniuses to help you narrow it down. A BMW Genius is a product expert who can help determine the Ultimate Driving Machine® best suited for your career, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Visit the Genius page on our website to find out more about this service and schedule an appointment.

If you have more questions about the BMW College Graduate Program, call or visit us at Leith BMW. Any member of our staff would be glad to help you.

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