Support Team USA When You Test Drive a New BMW

Hey, what are you doing on Friday, July 10? Probably nothing, right? It’s the weekend after Fourth of July festivities, so you should be in town. It’ll be a slow day at work, and there’s never anything on TV on a Friday afternoon. Now that we’ve established that your schedule is clear, you should plan on stopping by Leith BMW in Raleigh for the Drive for Team USA event.

BMW Drive for Team USA Raleigh

What is the BMW Drive for Team USA Event?

If you like driving fast cars and supporting the US Olympic team, this is the event for you because you get to do both of those things at the same time.

“I’d never even considered the possibility that test driving a pristine German automobile would be a way to support the American Olympic team. How does that even work?” – You, probably.

Here’s how it works: For every test drive, BMW USA is donating $10 to Team USA to help them prepare for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Simple as that. The more cars you and your friends test drive, the more patriotic you are.

Think of this event as a civic duty, like doing your taxes, except more fun.

Which BMW models can I test drive at the event?

Only the most athletic ones we have to offer, of course. It’s thematic, you see. The good news is BMW has a lot of athletic cars on offer. You can take a spin in any of five models (same number as the Olympic rings). They are as follows:

  • BMW 3 Series – There’s a reason other manufacturers are stuck building “3 Series fighters.” If you’re new to the brand, this agile sedan will show you what BMW is all about.
  • BMW 4 Series – Take the 3 Series and fine-tune it for speed and quickness. You’ll end up with this coupe that can fly around corners and teach you what real power is.
  • BMW 5 Series – Combining comfort and precision, this sedan is what dreams are made of. Read our own test drive review if you need help talking yourself into this car.
  • BMW 6 Series – Perhaps the culmination of all the others, the 6 Series is a coupe that draws from the best BMW has to offer. Luxury, dynamism, attitude. It’s all here.
  • BMW X4 – The newest model from the X Line, this sporty crossover coupe is for those who want both durability and this brand’s famous driving dynamics.

There’s even more to this event, though. Just like the Un4gettable test drive event last summer and the 31st Olympiad next year, this event is competitive. You’ll be able to test drive competitors from other manufacturers as well, so you can see for yourself what separates a BMW from the rest.

Will there be food?

Oh yes. Driving works up an appetite, so the Town Hall Burger Truck will be on hand to cater the event.

Town Hall Burger BMW Drive for Team USA Raleigh

Tell me more about BMW’s partnership with Team USA.

BMW is the “Official Mobility Partner” of Team USA and specifically supports four national governing bodies for summer and winter events. Those bodies are track and field, swimming, speed skating, and bob sledding/skeleton.

You might remember our post about the innovations BMW made in bobsled design from last year’s winter games in Sochi. While much of the sponsorship is centered on this kind of innovation, BMW also provides direct support to athletes during training. That’s where the money raised from this event will go.

This article has more information on BMW’s partnership with Team USA if you’re interested. Also, did you know that as a BMW owner, you’re eligible for two free tickets to a Team USA Event of your choice?

How do I register for the BMW Drive for Team USA event?

Here’s the event info:

BMW Drive for Team USA

July 10, 2015

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Leith BMW

If you need directions to our dealership, click here. If you have other questions, feel free to call us any time before the event. Remember to register beforehand by calling 1(800)-956-4BMW.

We can’t wait to see you.

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