Drive the Future: Drive a BMW i3 on April 25

BMW i3

You’ll recall that last week we said you should pay attention to our blog because of an event happening later this month. A later post brought word of an Automotive Career Night sponsored by the Leith group on April 24. That’s not the event we were talking about, though. Our event takes place the day afterward at our dealership.

BMW i3

On Friday, April 25, you will once again have the opportunity to drive the BMW i3, our brand’s first mass-market electric vehicle. All of the promotional materials for this event – the landing page on our website and the flyers we’re handing out at the dealership – urge you to “Drive the future now.” Now seems like a good time to understand where the future came from.

The i in BMW i stands for innovation, specifically in the ways we move and the methods by which movement is made possible. Officially, BMW i is “a holistic approach to the mobility of tomorrow.” This approach hasn’t been shaped overnight, and it isn’t even the result of the past five years of research. BMW has been studying electric vehicles for the past forty years, and the sum of all that research into motors, transmissions, and batteries is this car, the i3, and its relative, the plug-in hybrid i8. When you come down to our dealership at the end of next week, you won’t just be test-driving the future. You’ll also be driving a piece of history.

BMW i3

BMW i vehicles come with their own unique design philosophy. These include more notable traits like the black belt running from the hood and over the roof, the u-shaped running lights and tail lights, and an updated roundel with a blue ring around the outside. (Remember that blue has the same connotation for energy in Europe as green does here). The design also incorporates more subtle aesthetics such as a fully-covered underside and a “layered” interior.

BMW i3

For power, the i3 uses BMW’s eDrive technology, combining a powerful all-electric motor and a high-voltage battery. This system delivers excellent torque and uninterrupted acceleration that lasts all the way to top speed. A cooling system keeps the battery at optimal running temperatures, and regenerative braking adds to the already intelligent energy management system to maximize range. Recharging the car is easy no matter where you are. With a BMW i Charging Station installed at home, the i3 will reach full-power in just 3.5 hours. In public, ConnectedDrive technology will allow you to easily locate the most convenient charging station.

As part of our driving event experience, Leith BMW encourages you to come by and see our brand-new EV charging station. If you already own an EV, bring it by and charge up for free. Otherwise, come see how easy it is to charge up the i3.

We’ve only scratched the surface of BMW i. To understand where the future is going and how history is being made, you’ll have to come drive it for yourself. Here are the details again:


Friday, April 25

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Leith BMW

5603 Capital Boulevard

Raleigh, NC 27616

BMW i3

We’re expecting a crowd, so we encourage you to pre-register for this event. To reserve your spot, call 919.876.5444 ext. 257 today. For directions, call us or visit the Leith BMW website.

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