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BMW i logo 2020 i5 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

BMW Will Build an i5: What Will It Look Like?

With excitement building for the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, we want to talk about a model that you won’t see there: the BMW i5. You won’t see it because it doesn’t exist yet, not in any form that is ready for formal announcement or public viewing. It is an important vehicle when considering other recent […]

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Every new BMW will have a PHEV counterpart

Much of our coverage of the BMW i sub-brand is bent on showing BMW at the forefront of sustainable vehicles and energy efficiency. We’ve seen over time how certain philosophies have found their way back into the main BMW heading as well, and we previously reported how all “core” BMW models would eventually get a […]

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Showdown: M4 versus i8

Often when we’re searching for news to share with you, we come across videos of some journalist or car geek or other drag racing two cars to see which one wins. We watch these with some detached interest, especially when they involve a BMW, but we don’t always choose to share them. It’s just not […]

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