BMW Offers Best In-Car Apps, Including EnLighten

Cars keep getting smarter, and now thanks to BMW and Connected Signals, traffic will be getting smarter, too. It’s all thanks to EnLighten, a mobile app that will change the way you interact with traffic signals.

What is EnLighten?

We’ve all experienced what we think is an interminable red light. You sit there, car idling, waiting for the light to change. Maybe you’re in a hurry, so you’re set to gun the engine, burning off a bit more gasoline than you might otherwise.

EnLighten is meant to defuse the stress of that situation. Combining sophisticated predictions, geo-spatial location, and traffic-system configuration discovery, the app displays a timer for how long it expects a light to stay red.

It will also function in reverse, showing how much time it expects a light to remain green and offering an indication, based on your current speed, of whether you can safely make it through the intersection before the light turns red.

You can download EnLighten right now for your iOS or Android device. If you’re interested in the technology behind this app, we highly recommend reading about it on the Connected Signals website.

Does EnLighten work in my BMW?

BMW recently announced it would be the first automaker to offer direct support of EnLighten in its vehicles. Users with the app on their iOS device will be able to make use of the BMW Apps system to display EnLighten on the native infotainment screen over their BMW’s center console.

Connected Signals has made some tweaks to the app interface to better support this integration, and they’ve even improved EnLighten with additional functionality. When connected to your car, the app will know when you have a turn signal engaged and display timers for specific leading turn signals, and so on.

As a caveat, EnLighten requires a city to have a network of smart traffic signals, which means it only works in certain areas of the country at the moment. Specifically, coverage extends to Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah. BMW and Connected Signals have confirmed that more cities will follow as Dedicated Short-Range Communication technology continues to proliferate through the automotive industry.

Though EnLighten doesn’t currently work in Raleigh, we at Leith BMW are still excited for the prospect of an app that can reduce stress, save fuel, and make the road safer.

If you’re curious about other apps that are compatible with your BMW, consider asking one of our BMW Geniuses. They’re readily equipped to show you all that your Ultimate Driving Machine® can do for you. Call the hotline or visit the Leith BMW website to schedule an appointment today.

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