What Tires Should I Get for Driving In North Carolina Weather?

At any tire shop or retailer, there are three types of tires: all-season, summer, and winter. Whether you are new to North Carolina or a life-long resident, you might be wondering which type of tire you should get.

Short Answer:

Because North Carolina is usually only cold January through March, you should get winter tires for then and summer tires for the rest of the year.

Medium Answer:

All-season tires are a weak compromise that delivers subpar stopping power, traction, and grip. The best way to protect the investment that is your vehicles—not to mention the people inside it—is to get two sets of tires, summer and winter, and switch them out in January and April.

Long Answer:

You should get summer tires for the spring, summer, and fall, and winter tires for the winter. Summer tires use soft rubber compounds that grip roads well so long as the temperatures don’t go near freezing. They even perform the best under damp and wet conditions thanks to the tread patterns. So if you’re looking for tires that will keep you safe and in control of your vehicle for most of the year in North Carolina, summer tires are your best bet.

When temperatures near or drop below freezing, however, winter tires can’t be matched. Winter tires use hard rubber compounds that excel under icy, snowy, or even just cold conditions. They provide better grip and traction, and have far shorter stopping distances than summer or all-season tires in the cold. Have them changed out by a qualified technician and stored during the warmer seasons.


Many collisions in North Carolina are avoidable, if only you have the correct tires. To better avoid the hazardous consequences of a collision, get a quality set of summer and winter tires, and change out in January and April. We can help with that! Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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