Hear Us Out: The M2 Is Actually Probably the Best Ultimate Driving Machine Today


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know you think the M3 is the best. Or the M5. Heck, even the M6 or the i8.

The truth is that we have factions among us. Schisms. Spiderweb cracks that splinter the concept of the Ultimate Driving Machine into many ways to the truth.

But as was once said, there can be only one, and we believe we have a case. Think about what you’re getting:

  • Rear-wheel drive
  • 365 horsepower
  • Standard manual transmission

And consider what you’re free of:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Hybrid technology

The quick details

Remember your old BMW, your first one? There was hardly anything to it. Flat surfaces and no bloat. That’s what the M2 is about. It’s not about getting smaller. It’s about getting focused.

Some people think that focus means driving a Miata. We’ve seen them, 18 inches off the ground, driving a Tic-Tac and thinking that they can feel wind more than they can smell exhaust.

Or, if you wanted to go even smaller, Jalopnik is plenty ready to sing the praises of the 228i. Heck, they’re willing to say that it’s a better BMW than the M235i. Why? Less weight.

The 228i uses a turbo-four engine, and before you roll your eyes at us, let’s just remember two things. 1) This is the way that all cars are going, so don’t be a luddite, and 2) The benefits of losing 200 lbs. in the nose are quite real. Less weight means better handling, and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Remember that our goal here is a sports car, not a tourer. When you trade up for higher levels of engine power, yes you get some bells and whistles. But agility, springiness, and lithe handling cannot be found in a bruiser. We’re talking lean muscle here, not bulk.

So that’s our case. Ultimately, numbers on a page don’t mean nearly as much as the experience of driving it, so come to Leith BMW to try out the various 2-series and decide for yourself which you prefer.


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