The BMW GoPro App Lets You Be a Hero Behind the Wheel

GoPro cameras have taken the field of high-quality POV action footage and elevated it to astonishing new heights. They are used by enthusiasts in all sports and hobbies to capture their talents on the move. First person footage of rock-climbing, surfing, and even Superman is now on the Tube of You thanks to GoPro.

These personal cameras have also revolutionized the world of performance car videos in large part due to the ease with which they can be mounted on vehicles. Not only do we have the driver’s view, we also have the view from the wheels, from the hood, from the trunk, and from anywhere else you can think to stick a GoPro. Ken Block had a GoPro edition of one of his Gymkhana videos that demonstrates their versatility alongside his rallycross prowess.

Some automakers are now working to integrate GoPro directly into their vehicles, and BMW is at the top of this list. Starting in July, any 2012 or later BMW that is equipped with BMW Apps will be able to download the BMW GoPro App, which will enable them to configure and control a camera directly through the iDrive infotainment system. The GoPro in question must also be WiFi enabled, and a smartphone with the app on it has to be connected to the vehicle as well.

Once all of that is set up, drivers can toggle camera modes, aim their GoPro, and start and stop recording. A close-to-live feed will be displayed on the car’s info screen in addition to the camera’s battery life and signal strength. You can enjoy this video below with professional driver Justin Bell testing out the new app integration on a 2015 BMW M4 Coupe.

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