What is BMW xDrive?

Lovely weather we’re having, wouldn’t you say? These cold, rainy Januarys we have in North Carolina make for the most cheerful winters. Sarcasm aside, freezing rain is no fun for anyone. It’s as debilitating as snow without even the hint of nostalgia or visual appeal.

Fortunately, BMW has a system available that will make winter weather and adverse road conditions less of a nuisance. It’s called xDrive and is available on most BMW models.

The xDrive system is an intelligent all-wheel drive module. While other AWD systems generally provide an even split in power distribution, xDrive comes with a rear-wheel bias. Cars with xDrive typically operate with sixty percent of power sent to the rear axle and forty percent sent to the front. This way, drivers don’t have to sacrifice the feeling of rear-wheel drive in favor of surefootedness and peace of mind.

In adverse conditions, xDrive works with the sensors of BMW’s intelligent stability control to adjust power distribution in milliseconds. Drive forces are sent to the wheels that provide the greatest advantage and then returned once conditions return to normal. Usually this happens before the driver even realizes it. With xDrive, those icy patches won’t be quite so threatening.

As we mentioned before, xDrive is available on most of BMW’s core models. While it comes standard on X series vehicles like the X3 and X5, it is also available on notable cars like the 3 Series and the 5 Series.

If you have more questions about the xDrive all-wheel drive system, our sales associates at Leith BMW would be happy to answer them. Call or visit us today on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh.

What is BMW xDrive? was last modified: March 10th, 2022 by Leith BMW

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