Towing in Luxury

To all out there looking to get a vehicle with towing capacity but still want to ride in style, BMW scores again! Most vehicles out there with towing capacities are big bulky trucks or pickups, which don’t attract the eyes of most. How about an everyday car with a sleek look and luxurious ride! The BMW X5 has a towing capacity of 6603-7200 pounds when you add the tow package.

BMW towing

BMW also offers the off-road package, which would be great to have if you plan on towing a camper or boat. The off-road package includes electronically controlled rear differential lock, front and rear under guards to help prevent damage to your car, two-axle air suspension allowing the vehicle to lower or raise itself by 1.6 inches, and four driving modes that will help you get through snow, sand, rock and gravel.

BMW towing

Come on over to Leith BMW in Raleigh and check out our X5!

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