Thinking About Donating to Charity? Here’s Why You Should

Charitable giving increases at the year’s end thanks to tax deduction offers and the reminder that many people are in need.

In case you need a clear reason to take the plunge, we’ve assembled a couple of points to think about when writing a check or reaching for your wallet.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and go into the New Year feeling energized and refreshed. Be sure to check our website for holiday hours if you plan on stopping by.

People need help

Whether you’re flush or just getting by, it’s important to think about the condition of the people you’re trying to help. Whether you’re donating clothes, furniture, financial help, or even your time, remember that a surplus to you could be life support to someone else.

Society does better when everyone prospers

If you think of your community as a team, it makes sense to ensure every member is cared for and helped. Rather than focusing only on top performers, thinking of every member as important prepares us for a day when the top performers move onto a different team, or when they themselves need some help. Those who need help today might be helping you tomorrow.

Giving reminds you what truly matters

As many holiday movies show, it’s easy to become so busy that you forget what your goals and values are. Giving to others helps to rebalance the situation. Once you’ve made your charitable gift, your mind will be clearer as you move onto the rest of the things on your to-do list—and you’ll probably do them better as a result.

It sets an example for others

Finally, the most powerful effect of giving is its ability to inspire others to also give. It’s the idea of a chain reaction of giving. Everything you do is seen by others and that makes giving an opportunity to teach others the value of generosity and selflessness.

Those are our ideas! Do you have thoughts to add? Leave a comment on our Facebook post and tell us how you gave or planned to give this season.

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