The Accelerated History of BMW

Here in the middle of the week, we thought we would just sit back and bask in some of the glory of the BMW brand.

“Accelerated History” is a chronicle of some BMW’s most iconic cars, a full ten decades of motor heritage captured in sixty seconds. The video lays photographs down, one over the other, giving you a time-lapse evolution of the design of the Ultimate Driving Machine. We particularly like watching how the shape of the kidney grille has changed over time, from tall and narrow to square and even, and now the shape you know so well.

Seems to us like they left a few cars out, though. The E60 is notably absent, as is the E36. What about you? Is your favorite model included in this history of BMW, or did it not make the cut? Let us know in the comments.

We can at least rest assured that all of the BMWs in the video are genuine. Our brand doesn’t have any need to fake any of its history, unlike a certain other German brand.

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The Accelerated History of BMW was last modified: March 10th, 2022 by Leith BMW

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