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Do You Know Where Your BMW Was Built?

When we talk about BMW and the Ultimate Driving Machine®, we talk about German engineering. Germany is a fairly large country, though (by Europe’s standards). You can rest assured that many BMW models are built right there in Germany – we’ll cover the few that aren’t, too – but some of you might want to […]

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2015 NAIAS: BMW 6 Series Update

BMW is having a quieter year at the North American International Auto Show, but that doesn’t mean our favorite Bavarian motor works didn’t bring anything new to Detroit. They’ve used this week to launch the update of the 6 Series, showing off moderately refreshed versions of all three body styles. The 6 Series Coupe, 6 […]

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Showdown: M4 versus i8

Often when we’re searching for news to share with you, we come across videos of some journalist or car geek or other drag racing two cars to see which one wins. We watch these with some detached interest, especially when they involve a BMW, but we don’t always choose to share them. It’s just not […]

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The Ultimate E30 Documentary: Respect Your Elders

We often talk about the future on our blog, and it’s easy to understand why given the brand we represent. BMW is a forward-thinking auto group, and it always has been. The cars they make push the envelope. They challenge the standard conception of what kind of machine belongs between four wheels. While the cars […]

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