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Be Prepared: Winter Driving Guide

We’ve mentioned this, but you can never be too careful. It’s cold outside, and everyone knows it. School systems are calling for two-hour delays before a single flake hits the ground, just so kids don’t get pneumonia while they’re waiting at the bus stop. That’s some serious precaution, and according to Car and Driver, it’s […]

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4 B’s to Be Safe This Winter

Uh oh, January is here, so you know Mother Nature is about to turn up the A/C. Leith BMW wants you to be prepared and be safe, so today we’re bringing you the 4 B’s of Winter Driving Safety. Brakes – Icy roads are treacherous enough – Don’t let your brakes make matters worse. Low […]

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How to Defrost Your Windshield in 7 Steps

As of this morning, it’s safe to say that winter is upon us. Many of you were probably caught off guard like us, rushing out the door today only to be greeted with an icy sheen across your car’s windows. Turning your car on and working yourself into a frenzy with the ice scraper is […]

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