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BMW Announces Plan for Plug-In Hybrid Fleet

Remember back at the beginning of the year when we had a running series on the technology of the BMW i8? Do you also remember last week when we announced that Autoblog had named the i8 its technology of the year? Well, BMW isn’t taking that recognition lying down. They’ve already got plans, made official […]

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The 2014 BMW 528i xDrive: Dreamweaver

Business cards are simple by nature. They’re meant to convey instantaneous understanding of who a person is and what that person does. Our card gives our name followed by our occupation: “Web Content Writer.” When you go for a test-drive with someone and you pull back onto the lot and get out of the car, […]

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The Xcitement Doesn’t End: The 2015 BMW X4

It seems like BMW is trying to introduce as many new models this year as there are stars in the sky. Good thing we never get tired of new BMWs. Today’s reveal is the 2015 BMW X4, a slantback car for rugged roads. They’re calling it a Sports Activity Coupe, the first of its kind. […]

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