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Every new BMW will have a PHEV counterpart

Much of our coverage of the BMW i sub-brand is bent on showing BMW at the forefront of sustainable vehicles and energy efficiency. We’ve seen over time how certain philosophies have found their way back into the main BMW heading as well, and we previously reported how all “core” BMW models would eventually get a […]

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BMW Announces Plan for Plug-In Hybrid Fleet

Remember back at the beginning of the year when we had a running series on the technology of the BMW i8? Do you also remember last week when we announced that Autoblog had named the i8 its technology of the year? Well, BMW isn’t taking that recognition lying down. They’ve already got plans, made official […]

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NYAS: BMW X5 eDrive Concept

We’ve heard tell that technology is the name of the game in New York this year, and you just know that BMW isn’t going to be beaten in that arena. Case in point, the latest concept for the BMW X5 eDrive. The Boss is getting a plug-in hybrid system that will reportedly give it a […]

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