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What is BMW xDrive?

Lovely weather we’re having, wouldn’t you say? These cold, rainy Januarys we have in North Carolina make for the most cheerful winters. Sarcasm aside, freezing rain is no fun for anyone. It’s as debilitating as snow without even the hint of nostalgia or visual appeal. Fortunately, BMW has a system available that will make winter […]

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The Xcitement Doesn’t End: The 2015 BMW X4

It seems like BMW is trying to introduce as many new models this year as there are stars in the sky. Good thing we never get tired of new BMWs. Today’s reveal is the 2015 BMW X4, a slantback car for rugged roads. They’re calling it a Sports Activity Coupe, the first of its kind. […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: Plug-in Hybrid

Our BMW i8 in Detail video of the week today goes more in depth into the i8 plug-in hybrid system. This video is meant to address the practicality of the i8, and the first minute or so is review. We’ve already spoken to the Drive module’s arrangement, with the eDrive motor, battery pack, and three-cylinder […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: LifeDrive

Before we watch this week’s episode of BMW i8 in Detail, let’s address something that must be on your mind: The British actors that ask the questions at the beginning of each video. They’re super silly. They have them doing random things while they ask oddly specific questions, and then the last shot is always […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: Aerodynamics

Today’s i8 in Detail topic has been mentioned offhand in other posts, but today, it gets a video all to itself. We’re talking about the i8’s revolutionary aerodynamics. Before now we’ve discussed the i8’s aerodynamics as though they were a product of the design, when in fact the opposite is true. The i8 owes its […]

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