New Episode of Zero to 60TV Focuses on Leith BMW, i8, and Technician Tips

In episode three of’s Zero to 60TV show, regular host Mark Arsen is joined by copywriter Steve Ulin and account executive Ebony Douglas to talk about three subjects, all of which are centered around one brand: BMW. Specifically, the episode is organized into three parts: the car, the team, and the launch. The car […]

BMW 3 Series

All-New BMW 3 Series Thrills

Ever since the introduction of the BMW 3 Series more than 40 years ago, it has evolved with the times and continues to be one of the most popular and stylish vehicles out there. From the very beginning, the BMW 3 Series has mesmerized and thrilled on the road. For 2017, the BMW 3 Series […]

Tips for Driving Like James Bond

Piece of cake, right? As any instructor will tell you, acquiring the skills for evasive and tactical driving like Jason Bourne or James Bond takes one thing: practice. That, and a healthy bit of confidence. So how do I do it? The easiest answer is that you should sign up for an evasive or tactical […]


Do You Honk Your Horn In These 7 Situations?

Scaring someone walking by It’s not very mature, which is why it’s at the bottom (numerically) of our list. Still, there’s something satisfying about seeing someone leap for the heavens. You should probably do it once and only once in your life. You got one of those musical horns Again, this should definitely not become […]

Hispanic woman looking at change in glass jar

Why Preventive Maintenance Is Cheaper Than Waiting

If the check engine light is a constant companion in your car, this post is for you. And we get it, we really do. Money’s tight, and you can only pay for so many things before whipping out the credit card. We have a few reasons why being proactive can cost you the least amount […]

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