Make Roads Trips Bearable With Podcasts

A podcast is a downloadable audio program. It’s like downloading a radio show that you can listen to whenever you want. Better yet, you can subscribe and it will download new shows automatically. Whenever you’re bored and have some time to kill, you can pick up your phone and choose the new episodes you’ve signed up to receive.

Oh my gosh there are a million to choose from

If you search on iTunes or the Podcasts app on your phone, you’ll quickly realize there are a lot of podcasts to choose from. Some estimates put the number north of 100,000. We suggest Googling, e.g. best podcasts of 2016, best comedy podcasts, best finance podcasts, best news podcasts, best podcasts for road trips, etc.

Here’s why podcasts are worth it

Like a T.V. show, podcasts let you get a lot more depth than something singular like a movie. Some podcasts change the topic every episode while others stick with the same thing for months. Depending on the topic, the result can be incredibly immersive, like reading a novel. It’s also a way to learn by listening to experts on all sorts of topics. That’s a benefit that the top 40 pop songs can’t match.

Create a yearlong schedule

We suggest picking out three or four podcasts in the beginning. As you drive, walk, run, or exercise, listen to the first episode of each and decide which you want to hear more of. As you remove podcasts that don’t grip you, you can replace them with new ones. Over a few weeks, you should be able to come up with a handful that you enjoy listening to regularly, and voila: you’re a podcaster now!

Navigating the technological part

If you’re having troubles getting the podcasts onto your phone, we suggest searching YouTube for tutorials, e.g. How to podcast on iPhone. If you’re having trouble streaming your podcast while driving, we would be happy to help if your usual tech person isn’t available. We’ll get you bopping along to your new podcasts in no time.

We hope you feel more knowledgeable about podcasts. Whether you decide to start listening or not, you should at least have a better sense of what they are and what you need to get started. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, tell us on our Facebook. Enjoy the noise!

Make Roads Trips Bearable With Podcasts was last modified: March 10th, 2022 by Leith BMW

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