Just Drift: BMW ActiveAssist

Self-driving cars are making the news more and more. It’s starting to look like this might really be where the future of driving is going, and if you know anything about BMW, you know that they want to reach the future before anyone else.

A car that can park itself? That’s cute.

A car that can do a lap without help? That’s pretty neat.

A car that can drift autonomously? That’s an ultimate driving machine.

Yes, BMW showed off the world’s first automatically drifting car at CES this week. The M235i prototype equipped with BMW ActiveAssist technology can make precise movements, recognizing slalom courses and skidpads, even when the driver forces it into over-steer.

Apparently, the feature will be easy to add to existing models because it works with extant electronic stability control and electric power steering. The auto-drifting ability is mostly for show, as the feature is primarily there to correct and prevent over-steering – an extra safety feature on top of the ESC we’re already used to.

It still looks awesome, though.

For a full rundown of the technology BMW brought to this year’s CES, visit the BMW Blog. If you have comments or questions about BMW ActiveAssist, leave one below or speak to one of us at Leith BMW.

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