How to Make Paying Your Taxes Easy (and Maybe Groovy)

It’s about time to make Uncle Sam one happy fellow, but before you dig into W-2s, 1098’s, tax credits, tax deductions, and online software like H&R Block or TurboTax, let’s answer the more important questions, like what music will get you through this hours-long slog of adulthood?

Step One: Katy Perry

Let’s just start by getting rid of our dignity, shall we? That’s the point of taxes, after all. Like jumping into the pool (as opposed to slowly easing) the bombastic notes of Perry will give you the lift you need to get started. No more procrastinating, no more avoiding, and no more dreading.

Step Two: Jim’s Big Ego

This lesser known band from Boston is a little angry, a little paranoid, and a little emotional, which is helpful when seeing a summary of your 2015 finances. As you total up what you made, what you spent, and what you did or didn’t save, you’ll probably need some catharsis. We recommend “Stress” and “Prince Charming.”

Step Three: Harvey Danger

Oh we’re in it now. We are totally in it. This is us: in it. Make a sandwich. Grab a drink. You’re moving through the software now. You’ve made it past the easy questions like your address and social security number. Now TurboTax is asking about your charitable contributions, if you used your vehicles for work, how much your farms are worth, and what the value of your investments are. “The Show Must Not Go On” was the band’s final track, and one of their best.

Step Four: Beck

Always Beck. This is for when you’re winding down. You’re a little tired, and depending on your personality either victorious or melancholic. “Morning Phase” would be appropriate here for the folk tunes that recently made him Grammy Artist of the Year. If you’re the more upbeat sort, might we suggest “Where It’s At”?

You’re Done

Congratulations! Another year of taxes sorted, and hopefully a refund on its way to you. You might have had to pay to file your taxes, but online software is a whole lot easier than the paper form, we can assure you.

How to Make Paying Your Taxes Easy (and Maybe Groovy) was last modified: March 10th, 2022 by Leith BMW

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