How to Defrost Your Windshield in 7 Steps

As of this morning, it’s safe to say that winter is upon us. Many of you were probably caught off guard like us, rushing out the door today only to be greeted with an icy sheen across your car’s windows. Turning your car on and working yourself into a frenzy with the ice scraper is one way to do it, but we want to make sure you’ve got the best advice when it comes to defrosting your windshield the next time you need to.

1. Check your exhaust. Before you even start your car, look at your tailpipe to make sure it isn’t blocked by ice. It won’t do you any good to clear your windshield off only to get in a car that’s filled to the sunroof with carbon monoxide.

2. Don’t throw warm water on your windshield. Whatever you may have heard, resist the urge to do douse your car in warm water. If it’s cold like it was today, the temperature differential could stress your windshield to the breaking point.

3. Turn on your car and let it run for five minutes. Allow your car a moment to warm up. Cranking the heat won’t do you any good until you know that warm air will be coming out of the vents. Also don’t make the rookie mistake of turning your car on and then walking back into the house. Reports have shown that’s a great way to have your car stolen.

4. Then turn on your defrost. Same as the water trick, wait until your car is already warm before you turn on your defrost. Especially with newer cars with defrosters that heat up air quickly, you can still run the risk of cracking your windshield.

5. Scrape. Once your car is warmed up, you can take up your trusty ice scraper and go to town, and the ice won’t be as resistant now, so hopefully you won’t throw out your back.

6. Make sure your windows are totally clear before you go. Be thorough, don’t leave half of your windshield un-scraped or forget to clear off the back. It’s not worth rushing if you end up in a ditch or worse.

7. Prevent. The best way to avoid being late is to plan ahead. Check the weather report the night before and see if there’s a frost advisory. Cover your windshield with a blanket or towel before you turn in for the evening. Park in a garage if you’ve got one. Buy a de-icing treatment from your local automotive store. Set your alarm ten minutes early so you have the extra time.

Winter is just beginning, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out these tips. Let us know how it goes for you, or if you have your own defrosting method, get in touch with us at Leith BMW.

How to Defrost Your Windshield in 7 Steps was last modified: September 27th, 2021 by Leith BMW

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