Do You Honk Your Horn In These 7 Situations?


  1. Scaring someone walking by

It’s not very mature, which is why it’s at the bottom (numerically) of our list. Still, there’s something satisfying about seeing someone leap for the heavens. You should probably do it once and only once in your life.

  1. You got one of those musical horns

Again, this should definitely not become your calling card, but if for whatever reason you find yourself behind the wheel of a car that can do it, you’ve got to. No way around it.

  1. Picking someone up

In older movies, the driver honks and like two seconds later the pickee walks out the door. Were they sitting on a chair right next to the doorbell? Today, thanks to mobile phones, texting or calling is far more sophisticated than vehicular yelling. But if it’s cold out and your phone is dead, we get it.

  1. The light changed and the person isn’t moving

Surprised this isn’t at #1? Despite being one of the more common uses, we rank it lower because if you wait two seconds, the person looks up from his or her phone and goes. Everyone hates to be honked at, so why create that moment? They’ll realize you’re patient and will hopefully be humbled.

  1. Before backing up

Only UPS drivers seem to do this even though we were all taught it in driver’s ed. It makes people look up in case they’re unaware and helps reduce collisions. Particularly with kids in driveways, this is important.

  1. Someone doesn’t see you

If you see someone on a collision course with your car, you are definitely clear to honk.

  1. Your brakes go out

Not only is it okay to honk, it’s okay to lay on your horn if you’re sailing into an intersection and your brakes aren’t responding. Try pumping your emergency brake three times and then give your brakes another shot. Driver’s ed says that can help restore pressure.

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