BMW’s Electric Future

BMW electric

We all know BMW has started its electric journey a few years back introducing the i3 and i8 in 2014. In 2016, they introduced the 330e and in 2017 the 530e. These models are plug-in hybrids that get a range of about 15-18 miles per charge. What’s great about plug-in hybrids is that they are capable of recharging while driving.

BMW electric

BMW is now looking to attract more people to hybrids by offering more models. 2020 is the year of hybrids for BMW! The new and improved plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that they are introducing this year include the 2021 530e, 745e and X3e. These models are expected to get a range of 30-50 miles to a charge depending on the car itself and the driving style. These models will also have the capability to recharge while driving. Even with this feature it is very important to plug in your car.

To everyone out there who is looking for a nontraditional-looking hybrid, BMW has you covered. Stay tuned for the release of BMW’s new hybrid selection. Remember, Leith BMW is the place to go. Visit us today. Check out the 2020 BMW 530e now available and take it for a test drive.

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