Test-Driving Up a Storm at the Drive Electric Fair

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It may not have stormed this morning, but electricity was still a theme of the day at Leith BMW. We attended the Drive Electric Fair at North Hills today. The event was put on as part of National Drive Electric Week, a celebration of plug-in vehicles that spans the country. Events are put on throughout the week of September 15-21 to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other green vehicles. As the official website says, EVs are:

– Less expensive and more convenient to fuel
– Better for the environment
– Better for local economies
– Reduce our oil dependency
– Fun to drive

National Drive Electric Week began in 2011 as National Plug In Day, so it’s great to see the event grow so much in such a short time. Who knows? Before long we might be celebrating an EV-centric month. There will only be more to talk about in the future as technology continues to progress at a rapid rate.

bmw service raleigh

Speaking of the future and rapidity, the BMW i3 was available for test-drive at the event today. If you stopped by the central plaza at North Hills, right in front of the movie theater, you saw us there with our team of sales associates and two i3s, charged up and ready to go.

bmw service raleigh

The event was also open to the public for anyone to bring their EV or Plug-In Hybrid vehicle to show off and educate event-goers. We saw this yellow-wrapped i3 there. It kind of looks like a bumble bee.

bmw service raleigh

The Drive Electric Fair was not very long, so we know there are plenty of you out there still waiting for your chance to get behind the wheel of an i3. There’s no reason to wait when you can drive one any time at Leith BMW. We’re your local authorized BMW dealer for the Raleigh area. We handle all manner of BMW sales, service, and repair. Of course we can get you in an i3. Also, if you haven’t heard, we’re giving away a free home charging station with any purchase of a new i3. Visit us today.

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