BMW i8 in Detail: Plug-in Hybrid

Our BMW i8 in Detail video of the week today goes more in depth into the i8 plug-in hybrid system.

This video is meant to address the practicality of the i8, and the first minute or so is review. We’ve already spoken to the Drive module’s arrangement, with the eDrive motor, battery pack, and three-cylinder engine all on an axis, oriented front to back in that order.

Dynamism is the key to the i8’s practicality. The Drive module also has the effect of giving the i8 a low center of gravity, and put together with an all-wheel drive system, the host describes riding in an i8 as similar to being on rails. What you might have guessed given the arrangement of the powertrain is confirmed here. When operating only on the three-cylinder’s power, the car is only in rear-wheel drive. When driving only on electricity, the car is only sending power to the front wheels. It’s not mentioned in the video, but presumably you will have the option to select one mode or the other given the nature of your trip, or of course use both systems in tandem.

This video also makes it abundantly clear that re-charging the i8’s battery is very simple. For one, the i8 is capable of recharging while in motion. It also features regenerative braking, as you would expect. Then once you get home, all you have to do is plug the car in and let the battery charge up that way. Ideally you will plug it in using the BMW i Wallbox, but the great thing is even if you don’t have access to one, you can still plug it into a regular outlet.

Clearly practicality is nothing to worry about when dealing with the i8 plug-in hybrid. It wouldn’t be an ultimate driving machine otherwise.

Leith BMW hopes you’re having a great Wednesday.

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