BMW i8 in Detail: Intelligent Lightweight

Today’s BMW i8 in Detail video explains the hybrid sports car’s intelligent lightweight construction.

As we’ve tried to make clear, when BMW was designing the i8, they always thought of it as a sports car first and a hybrid second. That being said, the electric batteries that are part of most hybrid systems are very heavy and could not be ignored in the design process.

A sports car, by its nature, must be lightweight, so to offset the displacement of the battery, BMW has employed other materials normally not mass-produced. High-strength steel is a standard component of most automobiles, and aluminum is quite common in this day and age. Most of the i8’s drive module, comprising the drivetrain and chassis, is made of aluminum, which reduces the vehicle’s weight by thirty percent.

As previously discussed, it is carbon fiber that BMW has made great advances in and used heavily in the i8. The “life module,” which contains the passenger cabin, is almost entirely made of carbon fiber. The doors, for instance, are lighter by half thanks to carbon fiber components. Other interior aspects utilize more diverse materials, such as a magnesium frame for the instrument panel.

In total, the i8 weighs only 3285 pounds, all thanks to intelligent lightweight materials and BMW’s EfficientDynamics approach to building cars. If you’d like to discuss the brilliance of the i8, feel free to leave a comment or stop by Leith BMW.

BMW i8 in Detail: Intelligent Lightweight was last modified: September 27th, 2021 by Leith BMW

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