BMW i8 in Detail: Aerodynamics

Today’s i8 in Detail topic has been mentioned offhand in other posts, but today, it gets a video all to itself. We’re talking about the i8’s revolutionary aerodynamics.

Before now we’ve discussed the i8’s aerodynamics as though they were a product of the design, when in fact the opposite is true. The i8 owes its silhouette and form to BMW’s studies in fluid dynamics. Dubbed the “streamflow,” the character lines converge to the gutters by the C pillar, letting air flow around the car and through the aeroflaps over the brake lights.

Additionally, the undercarriage is totally covered, and BMW has perfected the air curtain on the front fender to reduce the i8’s overall drag. The European guy who hosts this video series – and whose identity is a mystery to us even after Googling – cites an actual drag coefficient number, but since we aren’t physicists, we’ll just assure you that the i8 cuts air better than any sports car.

Also, in case you missed the opening ceremony last Friday, check out the new ad for the i8, “Hello Future.”

Arthur C. Clarke’s vision of a wonderful future sure seems like it will come true later this year. Autoblog says that as an official sponsor of the Winter Olympics, BMW has two other ads lined up for TV, so keep your eyes peeled. Leith BMW certainly will.

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