Awesome i8 Key Fob Concept Leaks

Car keys are going away. As push-button ignition becomes more prevalent, the days of turning the ignition are numbered. There will come a time when all that is left on your key ring is the key fob, and with that in mind, BMW is thinking of ways to make it do more for you.

A concept of the key fob for the i8, BMW’s first plug-in hybrid sports car, has been leaked, and to be frank it looks awesome. It’s literally the coolest key fob ever conceived, a fitting match for what will go down as one of the coolest cars this decade. With the car’s hybrid electric nature in mind, the i8 key fob features an LCD screen with dual gauges measuring the car’s energy and fuel levels. The middle displays the estimated distance the car can travel at its current levels, and there is also a “Fully Charged At” readout that estimates when the i8 will reach full charge capacity. The mini-display will also tell you the time of day and whether or not the car is locked.

In addition to buttons to lock and unlock the car doors and its trunk, the leaked photo also shows a button with a diamond shape on it. Current predictions are that this will be a driver-customizable button that can be paired with certain other actions.

For more, check out Motor Trend’s article on the leak, and let us know how excited you are about the i8 by leaving a comment or talking to us at Leith BMW.

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