4 B’s to Be Safe This Winter


Uh oh, January is here, so you know Mother Nature is about to turn up the A/C. Leith BMW wants you to be prepared and be safe, so today we’re bringing you the 4 B’s of Winter Driving Safety.

Brakes – Icy roads are treacherous enough – Don’t let your brakes make matters worse. Low fluid levels are a detriment to braking performance, so you should get your brakes inspected soon.

Blades – Nothing lasts forever, not even wiper blades. If your blades are streaking or skipping across the windshield, or if the rubber is worn or split, it’s probably time for you to replace them. You’ll want blades in peak condition in the event of an ice or snow storm.

Batteries – You should check your battery’s cables and posts for signs of corrosion and clean away any sulphation that you find. One of our service technicians can help you diagnose your battery’s  health, as well as inspect your starter and alternator.

Belts – There’s nothing worse than being stranded in cold weather with a busted serpentine belt. We recommend you bring your car in for a winter inspection and let our service technicians inspect your belts for cracking and pliability. Hoses can also deteriorate from the inside out, but we’ll check for spongy, brittle, or bulging areas.

There you have it, the 4 B’s that will help you be safe on the road this winter. We’ve got more than just friendly advice, though. We also have some great service coupons that are good for the whole month of January. You can get up to 10% off routine maintenance, or up to 15% off any mechanical repairs. To take advantage of these specials, visit the Services and Parts Specials page on our website, print out the coupon for the special you want, and bring it with you when you have your car serviced.

If you have any other questions about winter safety, please leave a comment, shoot us an email at or contact us at Leith BMW.

4 B’s to Be Safe This Winter was last modified: September 27th, 2021 by Leith BMW

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