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BMW i3

Drive the Future: Drive a BMW i3 on April 25

You’ll recall that last week we said you should pay attention to our blog because of an event happening later this month. A later post brought word of an Automotive Career Night sponsored by the Leith group on April 24. That’s not the event we were talking about, though. Our event takes place the day […]

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Leith Automotive Career Night: Two Weeks from Today

At Leith, we want to do more for you than just show you great cars. If we think we can help you in any way, we’re willing to try. That’s why later this month, we’re having a Career Night at one of our dealerships. Leith is looking for experienced automotive service technicians that aren’t getting […]

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How to Prevent Pollen Damage to Your Car

Spring fever is settling in, along with its most visible emissary. That most deleterious denizen of all flora. The king in yellow. Boon to plants and bane to paint jobs. Pollen. If you walked out to your car in the last week and didn’t recognize it under the fluffy, yellow coating it had received, you […]

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The BMW i-series Sounds Like It’s Getting Closer

It’s been a while since we’ve featured any posts on the BMW i-series, but for those of you eagerly awaiting the advent of Bavaria’s green lineup, we have some good news to tide you over. Well, really we have some good noise: That is a video of the i8 accelerating in sport mode. To us, […]

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