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BMW i8 in Detail: Aerodynamics

Today’s i8 in Detail topic has been mentioned offhand in other posts, but today, it gets a video all to itself. We’re talking about the i8’s revolutionary aerodynamics. Before now we’ve discussed the i8’s aerodynamics as though they were a product of the design, when in fact the opposite is true. The i8 owes its […]

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Team USA Racing in BMW Bobsled

The games have begun. The twenty-second Winter Olympic Games officially kicked off with the opening ceremony on Friday night, and now athletes from around the world are competing in various events, most of which revolve around sliding. But sliding can be scientific, and who better to make it so than BMW? Team USA has not […]

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BMW i8 in Detail: Intelligent Lightweight

Today’s BMW i8 in Detail video explains the hybrid sports car’s intelligent lightweight construction. As we’ve tried to make clear, when BMW was designing the i8, they always thought of it as a sports car first and a hybrid second. That being said, the electric batteries that are part of most hybrid systems are very […]

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